Keyless protection and data theft security

You want to protect your Keyless Go car as well as your most intimate secrets,
your whereabouts, your fingerprint and your bank account, then you have come to the right place. 
Because with C6Power data theft protection bags, you're always one step ahead of criminals!


With the revelations of Edward Snowden, we got a taste by the monitoring and control we are exposed to on a daily basis.
Modern communication and payment systems are in many ways a blessing, but unfortunately also a curse, because our privacy and self-determination often fall by the wayside.

National efforts for data protection are very praiseworthy, internationally operating corporations, secret services and resourceful criminals unfortunately do not feel affected by it.
With your conscious actions and the C6Power anti-theft radiation protection bags, you can now protect your privacy and property, such as your Keyless Go car, without sacrificing comfort.

C6Power Products - Your Advantages

   Absolutely safe, no radiation penetrates to the outside
   Deliver what they promise, proven by official independent expert opinions
   Secure in all communication frequency ranges
   Manufactured and tested according to German quality guidelines
   Adapt to their content and protect it from damage
   Suitable for all sizes from key to smartphone
   Unique ease of use through one-hand operation
   Pocket size individually adjustable
   No installation effort
   No loss of warranty
   100% Made in GERMANY

        Seal of quality for tested safety with expert opinion


Excerpt from the official test report: 'Thus the stealing of a car by means of electronic hacking systems is completely impossible'

China bags and tin cans are no safe protection against theft,

even if you can't open your keyless car with them anymore!

Because resourceful criminals use stronger receivers than those installed in your car to receive and amplify the signal from your key.

Conclusion: Theft protection can only be confirmed with the latest measuring technology, as can be read in our expert opinions.

Other manufacturers only claim that their products are safe without providing proof. With us you get tested complete products!

C6Power currently offers probably the most comfortable and secure protective bags for your private data.

If you want to protect your car, because Your car can be stolen so easily (ADAC YouTube video) you have to do it yourself and it works so easy.

Our bags can be opened with just one hand!

Enjoy the comfort and the feeling of security offered by our protective bags.

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