Protect your property
use C6Power products to stay always one step ahead of resourceful criminals ...


... whether it's your most intimate secrets, your whereabouts, your fingerprint, your bank account, or your car.

Your car can be stolen so easily (ADAC YouTube video)



C6Power currently offers probably the most comfortable and secure protection for your private data.

Excerpt from the official test report: ''Thus the stealing of a car by means of electronic hacking systems is completely impossible.'

With us you get tested complete products!
Not like the competition, either completely without expert opinion, or only with an opinion for the shielding material used.
Great tires do not give a good car!

If you want to protect your car, you have to do it yourself and it works so easy. Our bags can be opened with just one hand!

Enjoy the comfort and the feeling of security offered by our protective bags.


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