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Certificate - Shielding Case For Phones And More

What does 'dB' (decibel) actually mean in this context ...


... and in simple terms:

In general, the higher the confirmed shielding performance of the finished product in dB, the harder it is for resourceful criminals to gain access to their property.

Note 'Keyless Go': Many customers believe they can test the safety and function of their Shield Bags or Boxes by themselves.Unfortunately, this simple test is not meaningful, as an attenuated signal may just not be enough to open the car but is still strong enough to be amplified and thereby lengthened. Real security results here only from a shield with very high dB values which is actually achieved in the Keyless Go frequency. The closer the range extender is to the car key the higher the dB value must be to be still on a safe side. For instance if the range extender is many meters away from your car key, then just 50 dB could provide a sufficient protection. Of course, it is ideal if a shielding bag also achieves high dB values ​​in all distances to the range extender even if there is no gap between. As is the case with C6Power bags because it really makes your property safe!

The above-mentioned applies in principle to any type of shielding, including smartphones, debit cards, etc.

Put a mobile phone in a radiation protection bag and let it send with a power of 1 Watt. In the case that the shield is -10 dB, the following situation would occur.

Only 0,1 Watt would reach the outside, in other words only a 1/10. 

The following tables show the influence of larger shielding values on the outgoing transmission power for the example with 1 watt transmission power.

Transmitting power that still reaches the outside in watts
-10 dB = 0,1    Watt (transmission power)

-20 dB = 0,01   Watt (transmission power)
-30 dB = 0,001   Watt (transmission power)
-40 dB = 0,000 1   Watt (transmission power)
-50 dB = 0,000 01   Watt (transmission power)
-60 dB = 0,000 001   Watt (transmission power)
-70 dB = 0,000 000 1   Watt (transmission power)
-80 dB = 0,000 000 01   Watt (transmission power)

Transmitting power that still reaches the outside in percent
-10 dB = 10   % (transmission power)
-20 dB = 1   % (transmission power)
-30 dB = 0,1   % (transmission power)
-40 dB = 0,01   % (transmission power)
-50 dB = 0,001   % (transmission power)
-60 dB = 0,000 1   % (transmission power)
-70 dB = 0,000 01   % (transmission power)
-80 dB = 0,000 001   % (transmission power)

Specification of the reduction of transmission power in percent
-10 dB = 90   % (reduction)
-20 dB = 99   % (reduction)
-30 dB = 99,9   % (reduction)
-40 dB = 99,99   % (reduction)
-50 dB = 99,999   % (reduction)
-60 dB = 99,999 9   % (reduction)
-70 dB = 99,999 99   % (reduction)
-80 dB = 99,999 999   % (reduction)

In general, the higher the confirmed shielding power in dB, the harder it is for resourceful criminals to get into your property.

Mobile phones transmit with up to 1 W in the 1800 and 2100 MHz network and up to 2 W on the 900 MHz network. Depending on the device, modern smartphones already start with less transmission power.

Electromagnetic waves spread out spherically, therefore the transmission intensity is reduced quadratically with the distance to the origin. To make it easier to imagine, just imagine a splash of color on a balloon that you inflate. The larger the balloon, the weaker the color intensity, or analogously the transmission intensity. The other way around, of course is also possible.If a resourceful criminal halves his distance to you, he quadruples (as it does quadratic) the transmit power available to him to use to access your data.