Our story, how it all began

I wasn't really surprised, but I was worried when I read what Edward Snowden brought to light. Above all, the fact that this is spied on, not just in isolated cases, where it can certainly be justified, but on a global scale, is a fact that I did not simply want to accept.

The subsequent research was like 'opening Pandora's box'. It showed me that not only our privacy, but also our property is in danger.
Our telephone conversations are continuously evaluated and recorded. Our movement profiles are linked to our social contacts and used for profile analyses. Our keyless car key signal is intercepted and used to theft our car easily without leaving burglary marks and this was only the beginning.

When I searched for security products, I noticed that there were already many products on the market that did not prove their function! 

As a product developer this has awakened my passion to do better, because I am always annoyed about that there are many products that don't deliver what they promise. It starts with the Keyless Go car and doesn't stop with the smartphone. The car industry leaves us customers out in the cold with an unsafe keyless entry system just like smartphone manufacturers who allow our smartphones to be used against us as listening stations. Apple is currently advertising a 'secure smartphone' that allows us to go into 'private mode' (lock icon) to stop being intercepted. Everyone can now ask themselves whether they want to rely on a software solution that can be hacked by other software.

If you use bug-proof bags from C6Power, absolutly nobody has access to your data and therefore to your property anymore. C6Power anti-theft bags have been tested in an independent laboratory and are rated absolutely tap-proof at all communication frequencies.  

With our products we do not want to appeal to your faith, but to give you the security we also expect ourselves on products. That is why we only develop, produce and sell products of which we ourselves are convinced. All our products are 100% 'Made in Germany'. The quality, the safety and the good feeling to know everything is well done is worth it to us.