Safety for your health and your property!

You are looking for a mouth-nose protection mask that inactivates viruses within seconds ...

... then you've come to the right place, just like if you want to protect your keyless go vehicle against theft - one works with high voltage, the other with high frequency. Security is what connects both topics!

Erklärvideo zur Mund-Nasen-Schutzmaskenfunktion

The C6Power protective mask offers innovative protection against viruses. Viruses are filtered and inactivated by the C6Power mask. Inactivated viruses can no longer make you sick. FFP masks, on the other hand, can only filter.

Inactivated viruses are recognised as pests by our immune system and fought against. This means that even if inactivated viruses enter your respiratory system, they are no longer able to infect you. This mechanism of action has been known to medicine for centuries as a dead vaccine.

What is an inactivated vaccine?

Like a live vaccine, an inactivated vaccine is a so-called whole-virus vaccine. Unlike the live vaccine, the viruses are inactivated, i.e. killed, so they can no longer cause disease. However, the immune system still recognises them as foreign bodies and treats them as such, with the consequence of building up an immune protection against them.





C6Power bags offer excellent shielding and thus maximum security for your data and property.

C6Power Strahlenschutztaschen für Smartphones, Keyless-Go, EC-Cards

Unfortunately, only a few know that their most intimate secrets, whereabouts, fingerprint and bank account data can nowadays very easily be spied on by resourceful criminals. You can find interesting information about this in our media library.

The following security speedo shows that we do not shy away from comparison with competitors...

Safety Speedo


C6Power Products - Your Advantages

   Absolutely safe, no radiation penetrates to the outside
   Deliver what they promise, proven by official independent expert opinions
   Secure in all communication frequency ranges
   Manufactured and tested according to German quality guidelines
   Adapt to their content and protect it from damage
   Suitable for all sizes from key to smartphone
   Unique ease of use through one-hand operation
        Keyless go pocket opening
   Pocket size for smartphones individually adjustable
   No installation effort, therefore no warranty loss on your vehicle possible
   100% Made in GERMANY

Other manufacturers only claim that their products are safe without providing any proof. With us you get tested complete products!

        Seal of quality for tested safety with expert opinion

Excerpt from the official test report: 'Thus the stealing of a car by means of electronic hacking systems is completely impossible'If you want to protect your car, because Your car can be stolen so easily (ADAC YouTube video) you have to do it yourself and it works so easy. Enjoy the comfort and the feeling of security offered by our protective bags.