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Making keyless go vehicles safer with little effort

How to cheat Car thieves

It is a fact that the number of car thefts has fallen from 2017 to 2018. Another fact, however, is that the number of stolen cars with keyless go systems is rising dramatically. It would be so easy, fact number three, to secure your vehicle: For example with a C6Power anti-theft bag.
It ensures that unauthorized persons cannot read the codes that are exchanged between the key and the vehicle by radio for contactless opening and closing of the doors. This is the crux of this feature, which is intended to increase comfort: Data thieves do not have to stand next to the car when it is opened or closed. Because most Keyless go keys are permanently radioed. For example, potential thieves can also scan the signals when the car key is hanging next to the front door on the key board, when they sit at the neighboring table in the cafe or stand directly next to the car driver in the elevator.
Once in possession of the code, it's easy to take over the other vehicle. This can be done directly with a range extender; even over several hundred meters. Or the data can be copied onto a key blank. Everything you need can be obtained on the Internet for very little money. A good and, above all, secure investment for car thieves.
The C6Power anti-theft bag prevents any form of data theft. This is because the code is usually only transmitted by briefly opening the bag in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. For many vehicle types, the keyless go key does not have to be removed completely from the bag. The bag can be opened with one hand and closed automatically. If the bag is closed, an unwanted reading of the data is impossible - even if a scanner were placed directly next to the bag.
The C6Power anti-theft bag is manufactured in Wendelstein. With almost 60 € it has a quite high price compared to cheap models from the Far East. However, the customer can also be sure that high-quality materials are used and, above all, that the bag keeps what the manufacturer promises: maximum safety, confirmed by an official report from Prof. Pauli (Professor of HF, Microwave and Radar Technology at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich), and comfortable use, proven by numerous tests. The report can be found at www.c6power.de


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