How can the C6Power protective mask convert viruses into dead vaccine?

A specially developed electrostatic high voltage generates an electron bombardment with each breath, which inactivates the RNA of the viruses.

The virus envelope is not damaged by the bombardment, because electrons (Ø approx. 5.636E-15 m) are much too small in relation to the size of a virus (Ø approx. E-7 m). The virus, although inactivated, can therefore still be recognised as a pest by our immune system. A few undamaged viruses that enter the respiratory system can already stimulate the immune system and serve as an adjuvant (amplifier).


Data Security

Below you will find some example of how easy it is today to be spied on with appropriate software or hardware!

Especially with our biometric data, such as our fingerprint is certainly hard to imagine how it can be used by strangers. Fingerprints can already be reproduced with a 3D printer and corresponding software, the application possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Unfortunately, even our debit cards are not secure and can even be read out with a simple mobile app.  ADAC has revealed that while all car brands offer keyless go systems, they are not safe, as shown in the ADAC YouTube video.

Our radiation protection bag
protects you from all these dangers

Keyless_go radiation protection bag

C6Power for absolute safety,
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The bag is easy to open and closes automatically.