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What does 'dB' (decibel) actually mean in this context ...

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... and in simple terms:

For comparison, we measured the shielding performance of tin cans and aluminium foil and obtained a maximum shielding of 48 dB. We consider this type of shielding to be only 'conditionally safe' and uncomfortable and have therefore developed a better solution.
The above-mentioned measurement result only served us as a guide, since the maximum shielding to be achieved depends on many factors. For example, how many layers of aluminium foil are used (are 20 layers still practicable?) and whether it tears during wrapping or leaves open channels behind. The measurement of tin cans of different materials also showed a strong dependence on how tightly the lid seals the can. Air- and watertight is not the same as radiation-tight!

Many customers believe that they can test the safety and function themselves (without uni-equipment) by simply testing whether their car can still be opened or started. Unfortunately, this simple test is not meaningful because a weakened signal may not be sufficient to open the car, but it can still be strong enough to be amplified and thus extended. True safety here only results from a shielding with very high dB values, which is actually achieved at the keyless go frequency. The closer you let the range extender get to you, the higher the dB value has to be to be safe. If a poor range extender is many meters away from your key, 50 dB can provide sufficient protection. However, if you expect comfortable and truly secure protection, C6Power protective bags are the answer to this threat. They offer maximum security and comfort, even when the strongest receivers are in close proximity!

The above-mentioned applies in principle to any type of shielding, including smartphones, debit cards, etc.


Pictures say more than a thousand words

Fifa and Uefa have set the pitch size for international football matches at 105 metres x 68 metres, meeting the DFB's requirements of 90 and 120 metres in length and 45 to 90 metres in width.

Size of playing field 105 meters x 68 meters width = playing surface 7140 m²

Would the entire playing field area of 7140 square feet be the strength of the radiation of their Keyless Go key,

would be 0.000000714m², i.e. less than a thumbprint (1x1 cm),


what's left of the radiation when you use our bags to protect your car from theft!

For those who want to know it exactly, it is even only a small section of this fingerprint,
because it's not even 1 square millimeter:

Section of thumbprint

The residual radiation by C6Power products is so little that it can't be amplified and extended to steal your car or data!
Not even if thieves use the most modern receivers at closest range!


The following table shows the influence of shielding values on the outgoing transmission power for the example with 1 watt transmission power
in dB
=  emission
in watt
in %
in %
10 =  0,1  10  90
20 =  0,01  1  99
30 =  0,001  0,1  99,9
40 =  0,000 1  0,01  99,99
50 =  0,000 01  0,001  99,999
60 =  0,000 001  0,000 1  99,999 9
70 =  0,000 000 1  0,000 01  99,999 99
80 =  0,000 000 01  0,000 001  99,999 999
90 =  0,000 000 001  0,000 000 1  99,999 999 9
100  =   0,000 000 000 1  0,000 000 01  99,999 999 99

In general, the higher the confirmed shielding power in dB, the harder it is for resourceful criminals to get into your property.

Mobile phones transmit with up to 1 W in the 1800 and 2100 MHz network and up to 2 W on the 900 MHz network. Depending on the device, modern smartphones already start with less transmission power.

Electromagnetic waves spread out spherically, therefore the transmission intensity is reduced quadratically with the distance to the origin. To make it easier to imagine, just imagine a splash of color on a balloon that you inflate. The larger the balloon, the weaker the color intensity, or analogously the transmission intensity. The other way around, of course is also possible.If a resourceful criminal halves his distance to you, he quadruples (as it does quadratic) the transmit power available to him to use to access your data.